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Minnesota has a TON of very talented bands.  Every month Minnesota Homegrown will highlight one of those local favorites.  As music fans who support the local music scene, simply vote for one of the five choices in the right hand column.  You can vote ONCE PER DAY.


The band who has the most votes during the month will kick off Minnesota Homegrown for every show of that month.  We'll also highlight the band right here at Rockin101 - dot - com.


Top non-winning band will carry though to the next month's voting. 

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Band Members:

J - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Evo - Lead Guitar
Ben - Drums

BIO:    "VIA is a Hard, Grunge Rock band from St. Paul, Minnesota. It's refreshing to see a band of this genre in today's industry with true passion, real talent, and a drive to succeed. Since forming in the summer of 2013, VIA has produced their EP entitled: Acid, opened for national acts like: Smile Empty Soul, Three Years Hollow, Saving Abel, and 3 Pill Morning, signed a record deal with Canadian label: Blackstream Records, and they're currently recording their full album and planning a national tour.

Passion is a word you will hear a lot when talking about VIA, and it deserves to be repeated because it shines through every single thing this band does. The band was formed by Jason Tuthill, who sings lead vocal and plays rhythm guitar, after three other bands he put together didn't quite make it over the hump. The songs you'll hear on VIA's first album were primarily written by Jason, probably alone at 2 AM after a pack of beer. The rest of the members have joined in on the writing and creating aspect since getting together and have added their personalities to the existing songs. Jason will tell you that the well-known song, "To Those of you With a Guilty Conscious" was written after a late night of watching horror films, particularly the cult film American Psycho. It was enough to spike some creativity and the rest was history. The song was played in a previous band of his, but only really came to life in its true genre after forming VIA and sinking into the quick sand of Heavy, Grunge Rock. The genre wasn't chosen before the band was made. In fact, you may catch the members having a joke about it here or there since none of them believe they are 'heavy' or 'hard'. That title was a process of the evolution of the band and was given to them by fans. It's no shock, since the rock scene in general is getting less and less 'heavy', so bands like VIA are even coined Heavy Metal (which will really get a laugh out of the guys). The members all met on social media/online/through auditions that the band held. An original drummer and bassist came and went until VIA settled into their current members who all possess the drive to succeed and embody the rock and roll persona. The lead guitarist is Erik Vobejda, but he's known to his band mates and some close fans as EVO. Evo has also played in a few bands prior to VIA, but none that took off in a national sense. He's the perfect fit for the dirty, gritty, grungy rock but he's not afraid to throw in a psychedelic riff here and there. Watching him on stage is particularly impressive as he jumps, thrashes, and throws his head back in pure bliss as he plays. He keeps the party going, and he knows how to play to the crowd.....quite similar to other members including drummer, Ben Leff. It's not every day you find a drummer who has the same stage presence as the rest of the band. You find that with Ben. Ben plays flawlessly and effortlessly. He adds drum riffs and beats that create layers you wouldn't see coming. All the while, he has time to add stick flips every other hit and if you keep your eye on him you'll catch him throwing his sticks 5 feet in the air on a regular basis. The most recent member of the band is bassist, Justin Von Rueden. Justin played with Ben in a previous band, so when VIA was looking for a bassist he came aboard to help them out with some shows they had booked. Well, fast forward a few months and he hasn't left! Justin was a fast learner and a skilled bassist so he fit the bill. You can catch Justin throwing his long curly hair around onstage while slappin' da bass and putting on a great show.

VIA has national tours and big local shows in store for their fans. They've also got a debut album set to release by the summer of 2014. But they're real goal is simply to give back a voice to all Hard Rock or Grunge Rock bands both locally and nationally. The genre is out there, but the variety is dwindling. We should ask, is that based on what people want or is it based on the people in charge? From the reaction VIA has gotten to their music in such a short time, I think it's safe to say that the people want Hard Rock! VIA will bring you the heavy, they'll bring you the grungy, but they also bring outstanding vocals and melodies, dynamic Lyrics and intelligently structured songs. They're a blast to watch live and after a song or two it suddenly hits you that they're talent is enormous, because everything they do live sounds like they're album. They're known in the studios for 'one taking' and not using help to get their sound right from electronics, auto loops or tone altering. What you hear on the album is truly what you get live. And what you get at a live show is a God, Damn party! So come to the next show near you and join the party! Sign up for the emailing list so you don't miss out on info, check VIA out at their other pages, and stop by their merch site to get yourself a VIA shirt so you can say you knew them when. "


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April 7, 2014


VIA "Closets"

32Headshots "Vertical Smile"

Gemini "Old Man Johnson"

Agora Forte "Mary After Midnight"

7th Ascent "Battleground"


( Break )


Vaudeville "Through Bright Red Skies"

Soul Asylum "School's Out" ( Cover Feature - Alice Cooper )

Skywynd "Sunny Day Believer"

The Oddfathers "Hey You"

Gabriel And The Apocalypse "Until We Dream"


( Break )


La Madness "Hella LA"

Jonny Lang ""Blew Up (The House)"